Happy Patients


Stu has helped me through two serious injuries whilst I was at Hull City. I was treated with real care and importance during my rehabs. He approaches his work with the highest degree of professionalism that made me feel completely confident that I would return to playing and have no further issues when I returned to the pitch. I highly recommend Stu at Reset Health to anyone who is injured.

James Chester

Aston Villa & Wales


I worked with Stu for 4 years at Hull City whilst I played for them. He is an all round good guy, honest, hardworking & an approachable professional. I really enjoyed his physiotherapy treatment methods. He would always treat my symptoms rather than just ticking boxes in rehabilitation. In my experience through his expertise and how hard he pushed me, helped me to return to fitness and to playing sooner and stronger than before.

Go and see Stu at Reset Health I know he will be able to help.

— Curtis Davies

Derby County


Stu helped me through a few serious injuries whilst we were at Hull City together. He is always professional & meticulous in his approach to every physiotherapy assessment, treatment and rehabilitation session. Rehab was always demanding and varied keeping me motivated and helping me to return to the pitch quickly.

If you need treatment to help you restore function, recover from injury or just to become more resilient, go and see Stu at Reset Health, I know you will be in safe hands.

— Paul McShane

Reading FC & Rep of Ireland


I worked with Stu for 4 years at Hull City.

He is a skilful, approachable, professional physiotherapist who always made time for me in the treatment room to help me recover and restore my function. When I was injured Stu was my go to man and always made my time in rehab fun but demanding, setting me goals to achieve, challenging me daily.

If you are looking for Physiotherapy treatment or rehabilitation I would definitely recommend Stu at Reset Health.

— Michael Dawson

Nottingham Forest FC


Stu was one of the main reasons I came back from my long term injury. Over a 16 month period his dedication and commitment to get me back out on the pitch, not just at the level I performed at before I was injured, but Stu had me mentally and physically stronger for any challenge that came my way when I came back.

The biggest problems from long term injuries in sport are having setbacks on return to play. I can safely say I haven’t had one setback regarding my knee. Stu played one of the biggest roles in helping me with this and I would highly recommend Stu at RESET HEALTH. Massive thanks again Stu!

— Robert Snodgrass ‘Snoddy’

west ham united


Stu and I spent quite a lot of time together doing rehabilitation and maintenance work when we worked together at Hull City AFC.  He is an excellent Physiotherapist who always treated me professionally making rehabilitation varied, fun but challenging.

I always returned to play on time, stronger and with a plan going forward to decrease the risk of re-injury. I would highly recommend Stu for any treatment or rehabilitation that you need.

— Alan McGregoR

Rangers F.C & Scotland


I had a long standing issue with my right achilles. Lots of pain, restricted movement with problems recurring every few weeks which regularly interrupted training and walking schedules, so very frustrating.

A friend recommended Stuart and I popped to see him, my first session lasted about 75 minutes, lots of talking to understand the injury. To say Stuart was thorough is an understatement. He talked and asked questions about a whole host of areas that I would never have expected to have been linked to my achilles, but by the end of his questions and examination he was fairly sure he knew what the problem was. READ MORE

— Graham Johnstone

Private patient