I had a long standing issue with my right achilles. Lots of pain, restricted movement, recurring problems every few weeks which regularly interrupted training and walking schedules, so very frustrating. I had seen several physio’s and sports injury people over the years but they never seemed to deal with the root of the problem.

A friend recommended Stuart and I popped to see him, my first session lasted about 75 minutes, lots of talking to understand the injury. To say Stuart was thorough is an understatement. He talked and asked questions about a whole host of areas that I would never have expected to have been linked to my achilles, but by the end of his questions and examination he was fairly sure he knew what the problem was. READ MORE

He began his treatment and when I say he "got into it”, trust me he got into it, but you know what they say, no pain, no gain!! Just that first session seemed to have a positive and immediate effect. I went back a few days later due to the approaching ski-ing and had 3 sessions in two weeks, backed up by homework exercises, which I performed religiously. Whilst the sessions were uncomfortable, they had a really positive effect. I ski’d the whole week, no problems, whilst I still had some residual low level discomfort and restriction of movement.

Once back from Ski-ing I saw Stuart a few more times, and it was Stuart who brought the sessions to a close, saying that if I continued with the exercises I should have no more discomfort. Well I have continued with them. For the first time in a long time I am pain free, my movement seems unrestricted and my right calf has built back a lot of the muscle mass that had wasted away. I hung off making this recommendation to ensure that the treatment was lasting and I can tell you it is, totally.

In terms of an analogy, lets use a foodie one. You know when you eat the same meal prepared by two different chefs at the same restaurant and one time you go its amazingly delicious and the next it barely reaches average? Well I guess physio’s are no different, Stuart hit the heights of mouthwatering taste for my achilles!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart as a Physiotherapist who really knows his stuff, gets to the root cause of a problem and deals with it efficiently and effectively. He is knowledgeable, puts you at your ease and provided you do the homework exercises he sets you, I have no doubt that he will reduce your pain, increase your movement and have you back to normal in fairly quick order.

Graham Johnstone